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The inspiration for our band came from Greg Morrison, a trumpeter with a local church orchestra. Greg wanted to play Big Band music. He persuaded several other orchestra members to pursue this goal with him, including fellow trumpeter Gary Caskey and trombonist Ray Horton. They recruited several more like-minded area musicians and began rehearsing at a local college.

The band has matured into a solid group with an extensive repertoire encompassing a wide range of musical styles. The band tailors its performances to accommodate almost any event, from intimate gatherings to grand parties. The group has performed in lots of venues, ranging from private clubs to river boat casinos and park festivals.

While several band members are professional musicians, all also have a variety of other “day” jobs. There are business owners, financial planners, dentists, educators, architects, engineers and
attorneys, to mention just a few.

A big benefit of having members with such different backgrounds is that everyone contributes more than just their musical talent to the band’s success. Greg calls on his long experience “herding cats” as the owner of a trucking business to manage our logistics. Ray uses his expertise as a financial planner to keep tabs on our schedule and personnel, and to negotiate the terms for our “gigs”. Other members concentrate on marketing, running rehearsals, locating equipment, etc.

The result is a professional group that can deliver exciting live music in many styles and is sure to satisfy almost any taste. 
Greg Morrison
Ray Horton
Gary Caskey